RaShae Jennings

Although I was not born in Bardstown, I have never been anywhere that felt more like home. I grew up in Tompkinsville, Kentucky on my family farm where I spent many happy hours canning vegetables, working in our gardens, and helping with our cattle. I first came to Bardstown as a tourist several years ago and I remember spending 3 hours in the small bookstore down town. I was in love with this place. I graduated with my Masters in Historic Preservation at WKU and during my program we studied Bardstown as being the first city in Kentucky to have a preservation ordinance after the National Preservation Act was formed in 1966. I was hired as the Registrar, promoted to Archivist and then Curator at the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro, Kentucky. I then accepted my current position as the Preservation Coordinator and City Sign Administrator for the City of Bardstown. What makes Bardstown’s Main Street program so successful is the people. I am talking about the merchants and members of the community. In Bardstown, there is a sense of pride, commitment, and I would venture to say sense of family that this is our town and everyone works extremely hard to maintain and continue to make it beautiful.