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  Bardstown Main Street    

Reinvestment Statistics    
  Total number of jobs in district   2,632
  Number of full-time jobs created   39
  Number of part-time jobs created   18
  New businesses created   8
  Rehabilitation projects completed   16
  Public Improvement projects completed   4
  New construction projects completed   2
  $ Public investment   $750,000.00
  $ Private investment   $400,000.00
  Number of downtown housing units includes residential   1,500
  Total number of commercial spaces   170
  Total number of vacant spaces   0
  Average commercial rent per square foot   $7.26
  Total square footage in the commercial district   748, 510
  Organization Budget   $121,462.00
  Volunteer Hours Contributed   2,901
  Number of jobs lost   8
  Number of businesses closed   3
  Amount invested in building rehabilitations   $700,268.00
  Number of façade projects   4
  Amount invested in façade projects   $47,000.00
  Number of businesses expanded   6
  Number of new housing units in downtown   2
  Number of historic rehabilitation tax credit projects   2
  Total reinvestment   $1,897,268.00


2013 Bardstown Main Street Statistics:
Downtown District

Population: 12,848
Total Number of Jobs: 2,632
Number of jobs created: 30
Number of Jobs lost: 12
Total number of businesses in district: 160
Number of businesses opened: 10
Number of businesses closed: 2
Number of businesses expanded: 3
Number of business rehabilitations: 15
Amount Invested in Rehabilitations: $325,970.00
Number of façade projects: 2
Amount invested in façade projects: $50,000.00
Number of Volunteer hours for the Main Street Program: 2600


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